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New VOTW and a small updates in the Wrestle Page
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gif of Lilith Clawthorne from The Owl House punching Philip Wittebane in the noseWelcome to Arrothame (3rd Strike), make yourself comfy! Everything here is lovingly handcoded, completely from stratch. Admire the artistan craftsmanship! EXPLORE EVERYTHING!

This website is a starship, and this starship is my home. I share stuff I like, talk about stuff I like, make things look the way i like. It's all of my taste. If this site did have a taste, it would probably taste like Thai Butterfly Pea Tea.

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I use FireFox and Visual Studio Code, and self-teach via w3school and stackoverflow. I have no idea how this looks on other browsers. It's a lil java heavy at the moment, i know... im working on it.

I plan on updating this site weekly, but I don't know how true that will remain. Life happens, yknow?

CONTACT? ME?? ok. neole0 (at)


>>ID: #0500208 (SHORTNAME: Leo)
>>Level: UNREG. Suggest= 6
>>Desc: Leo is a shift-class beast, holding many forms, the primary of which being a "Lucario" with dark fur (pictured below). Outside of this, they tend to cycle between: large feline, unicorn, or a college student (who, in this form, is adamant on taking Culinary lessons).

>>Behavior: Leo spends much of their time indulging in digital media, including animated television shows, Professional Wrestling broadcasts, and various video games. Along with this, they can be found building model sets, writing, listening to music, collecting cards.

Leo exhibits intermediate skill in coding. For enrichment sake, they are allowed complete control over a personal website, free to customize and maintain it to their disgression.

When asked why a website, they responded plainly; "I miss the days where I could go online and see sites and projects with life behind it. I want to create something like that."

Game Library

Here i display some of my favorite video games! Mostly older ones. Not at all comprehensive.

  • Kirby: Nightmare in DreamLand (2002)
  • GBA
  • Been playing this game on my 3Ds (emu'd) and it's super fun!
cover art of Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap for the GameBoy Advance
  • Legend Of Zelda: Minish Cap (2004)
  • GBA (emulated)
  • I loved this game! One of the first I ever emulated.
coverart for Mario & Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story for the nintendo DS
  • Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (2009)
  • NDS
  • This game is the reason I like Rhythm games so much. Love love love the play style of M&L games.
coverart for Metroid: Fusion for the GameBoy Advance
  • Metroid: Fusion (2002)
  • GBA (emulated)
  • I've played all of the 2d metroid games, but this remains my absolute favorite of the bunch. I love terror
coverart for Chrono Trigger for the Super Nintendo (SNES)
  • Chrono Trigger (1995)
  • SNES, Ported to: DS, PSX, Mobile, PC
  • I played this via the DS port (emulated); one of my favorite proper RPGs to date
coverart for Dragon Ball Z SuperSonic Warriors 2 for the Nintendo DS
  • DragonBall Z: SuperSonic Warriors 2 (2005)
  • DS
  • Apart of my trio of first fighting games I played! I also learned how to rip music with from copy.
Coverart for Sonic Rush on the Nintendo DS
  • Sonic Rush (2005)
  • DS
  • The first Sonic Game i ever owned. Super fun and, unshockingly, fast paced. BANGER soundtrack
cover art of Sonic Adventure 2
  • Sonic Adventure 2 (2001)
  • Dreamcast, ReReleased to GameCube, PC, PS3, Xbox360
  • A CLASSIC!!! I play on PC. What can be said about SA2 that hasn't already?
a square black image that contained the title art for Undertale (white pixel text with a red heart nestled in the letter r
  • UNDERTALE (2015)
  • PC, Ported to PS4+VITA, Switch, Xbox One
  • Undertale (and DR) mean the world to me. Changed me!! Opened my eyes!
Cover Art for Street Fighter 4
  • Street Fighter IV (2008)
  • Arcade, Xbox 360+One, PS3+4, PC, Mobile, 3DS
  • Another classic in my eyes! Apart of my FFG trio. I've played this game on 360, 3ds, PC, and PS3.

There's MORE?

This section is dedicated to things that don't fit in anywhere else. Links, an FAQ (if necessary), graphics and stamps, all of that.


Hover over the links to get a quick summary about what they lead to!


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If you hover over a graphic and they start shaking, means i made it myself! They're a bit shy.

Full Update Log:

Jan.27.23: A new VOTW added to index, and a few images added to the wrestling page. updates have come to a sudden halt, I know. the semester has begun for me and it's much, much more demanding then the last.

Jan.19.23: New chapter of Under the Ring added to the library; small adjustments done to the first chapter, as well as the opening text in the library.

Jan.17.23 Updates to Wrestling Page (new video in tape study and new image in gallery; as well as a new fun fact), as well as a new track on index page, and two new stamps in the graphics section.

Jan.15.23: New entry in the Library (misc category, birthday entry). Library and Wrestling pages restructured to eliminate Javascript in the navigation.

Jan.11.23: New story added to the library; last story entry (warm white christmas)was removed. A new VOTW added as well. work to cut down on javascript usage for necessary functions begins now; if something suddenly breaks, that's the reason.

Jan.6.2023: Update to the Gamelog, and to the Wrestling page.

Jan.1.23: First update of the year and it's under-the-hood maintenance! First wave of alt-text updates for images, and updating the VOTW and Index music.

Dec.31.22: New entry in the Library (originally labeled as "writing"). Other changes: OpenDyslexic is now the font for the middle section in the library. Also, new song featured in the library. As a treat for those who read this: A gallery and WebRing are in the works! Stay tuned.

Dec.24.22: New story added to writing page, link section added to "Other" page (where guestbook now sits). Other changes: New cursor(sitewide), new graphics, new VOTW, new webring box, and music change on writing page

Dec.20.22: Guestbook added! See Sonic to the right of the screen. Wrestling page updated as well. Other changes: new graphics to the "other" section, new buttons on the highway, and a song change

Dec.19.22 Wrestling page "rehaul", new addition to Writing page.

Dec.15.22: New Index, deletion of club caro and office. Gamelog, Data, and Writing sections added

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more webrings to come... hopefully!

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