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The Chosen, originally named Spencer Agnew (no relation to the editor), is an aloof, geeky character burdened by fate to save the world from evil... supposedly. He is always seen with his katana and shades, and his most common attire is a triple-wolf moon shirt and khaki shorts.

The Chosen shows up in Games videos the most, but has been in a few Standalone sketches and Pit videos too (albeit more minor apperances).

The Chosen plays Kirby
BayBlade Tournament
SSBU: Battle of Spencers
Bakugan Battle
Greatest Unsolved Mysteries

The Chosen Hero

"The Chosen" is a reoccuring character on smosh. They are portrayed by Shayne (who created him as well), and although they are meant to be comedic there's a genuinely lovable (and relatable) side to the character I have found myself stuck to and sort of "represented" by... strangely enough.

Why the attachment

Though The Chosen was originally made as a parody of a specific kind of person found in media/real life, I find myself feeling represented by them in an unironic way.

The Chosen reminds me heavily of myself: an undiagnosed yet harshly autistic individual who mirrors the hardened protags of film and gaming. You can also debate he represents what it's like to be alterhuman; as discussed here, in every universe but ours, The Chosen IS a destined hero. He's not wrong when he says he's a fated hero; he's simply in a world without a spot for one.