Pokemon Central

Pokemon is a series i adored when i was younger, and I've been getting back into... sort of. I don't have the money to buy the games on switch, so i'm doing the next best thing; working my way backwards from Ultra Sun.

Pokemon Y

trainer card showing my pokemon y team. the pokemon are: Zoroark, Shiny Xerneas, Mewtwo, Gardevoir, Charizard, and Yveltal. All eight regional badges are showcased at the bottom of the card.

My PKMN Y team as of right now

I completed Pokemon Y years ago. It was the first game i got for my N3DS(xl), so I played it during it's prime/active era. It's how i got a shiny Xerneas, shiny Yveltal, Manaphe, and Phione! A vivid and exciting moment that defines my time playing the game is the war i waged against Mewtwo in that cave in the forest. I would not give up until i caught him... and i did!! it was also the first time i ever utilized soft resets. Shoutout to my Sableye and Greninja that got me through it all!

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

trainer card showing my pokemon Alpha Sapphire team. the pokemon are: Septile, Swellow, Hariyama, Sandslash, Gyarados, and Vulpix. Seven of the Eight regional badges are showcased at the bottom

My A.Sapphire Team as of right now

I'm still playing Alpha Sapphire as of writing this, but I've made quite the progress! I have only one gym badge left to obtain, and I'm reaching the point where I have a final stand with Team Aqua (i think). My team has shifted about a lot, but Sceptile, Swellow, and Hariyama have been the core three to get me through most of my journey.
It's been a great game so far; I never played the original Ruby and Sapphire so I can't speak on accuracy in that aspect. But i love gen 5 and the mega evolution gimmick it has going on, and the addition of the DexNav makes it much easier to hunt for pokemon, which i really appreciate!

Once I finish the main story, I plan on doubling back and trying my best to fill my pokedex, and hope i find a shiny along the way.