Kirby: Planet Robobot

Planet Robobot was the first modern kirby game I finished, and I loved every bit of it.

Up until then I had only played a few of the snes+gba titles (Kirbys Adventure, Nightmare In Dreamland, Amazing Mirror), but i really liked kirby. I even have an Amiibo! But i just never thought to venture into the 3d games. Fear, I guess... but i remembered playing the demo for Planet Robobot and really enjoying it. So through the power of CFW, i got the game and began playing. And woo, did I love it!

I spilled hours and hours into finishing the game. I made sure to try my best to collect every code cube in the game, even if it meant replaying the game level 5 times in a row because i missed a detail.(which i did! many times.)

The story kind of got to me at times; i didn't think it would but it did! I won't get deep into it, because i think it's something you should experience yourself. but I'll say...

kirby stepping foot into the robobot armor; turning the grey metallic shell into a pink and beige one that mimics kirby's appearance

love this robobot with my soul.

Upon clearing the game, you get some fun new game modes. One of which you get to play as the man himself Meta Knight! It's a race for the best time, and you get new meta-tailored abilities that make it a worthwhile unlock reward.

meta knight standing in a grassy level, holding up his sword for a few moments before jumping and performing a crescent air slash