Hop in, we're going salmon running

Splatoon 3! Such an amazing game!

It's the first game of the series that i actually own; i've played the second game once or twice at a friends, but man, splat 3 is somethin else!

a photo of me, or my inkling self in splatsville. i'm wearing a grey sweater, black capri leggings, blue-and-black sandals, with a white and orange striped headband.

I really recommend the game for those that want to play more online games but, rightfully so, are too nervous to begin. Turf War is competitive, but with little at actual stake, so it's a good place to begin. You have no choice but to get out there and grind away til level 4 if you want to get accessories and more weapons. Once you're comfy and settled in with a good weapon, you'll be spending hours and hours splatting off and leveling up!

My favorite mode is Salmon Run. To say it can be chaotic at times would be a severe understatement. You're given one of 4 weapons at random, and sent out to ink up as many salmonids as you can; fron small fry to boss salmonid, and the rare and terrifying King Salmonids, it all relies on teamwork. or at minimum, uniform disorder. just, whatever you do, get rid of the flyfish.

two orange inklings, in their squid forms, hopping around on dry land. one is a hologram with a blue outline. they are both in the training area of grizzco.