Minor flash warning ahead!

Mankind is Dead, Blood Is Fuel, Hell is Full.

Debuting in 2020, Ultrakill is a fast-paced, blood filled, retro FPS in which you take on the role of V1, a war-born robot, tearing through the layers of hell .

Ultrakill is beyond fun. I have seen many comparisons to that of DOOM Eternal and I can definitely see that, but i think Ultrakill is faster paced than Eternal, and has simpler game mechanics. But this simplicity lends itself well for the kind of system it has in place.

You rank up style points, influenced by how creative, effective, or fast your kills are. You wouldn't think much could be done with an entry level weapon and its variants, but that's the beauty of Ultrakill! Can't think of another game that could allow me to one-shot a secret boss with the 2nd gun you get in the game and a punch

you can also oneshot MDK with the sharpshooter upgrade for the revolver.

Other than fun gameplay, the story of Ultrakill is a deep and religously laced one. As mentioned, you play as V1, a robot made for war but awoken just after it ends. This war was a merciless and horrifying one, already proven by the fact that V1 runs on blood. Real, organic blood. (also, as the opening line tells; all of humanity has fallen as result of this war)

As you (V1) delve deeper into hell, slaying every demon in your way, you find out that the holy order of things is awry- God is missing, leaving a council of angels in charge of heaven. And serving as enforcer to this council is Gabriel, the Judge of Hell. The massive influx of souls, and the sheer weight of humanity's sins are on full display as you venture through each layer.

There is a lot to take from Ultrakill... and it isn't even complete yet!! Ultrakill is still in early access, and new content is still being added to the game. Though as i write this, we are in the third and final act, awaiting 2 more layers.

My own understanding of the lore is weak compared to that of others, but as i enter my second playthrough of the game, I know for certain I will learn more. there are so many secrets, hidden easer eggs and tidbits that reveal more about the world around us.

I also tried my best to not fully spoil the game; I feel like spoilering and words alone don't do it justice. please play ultrakill! Or, watch somebody play! There's even a no-gore setting if that's a deal breaker!