a drawing of an inkling character. they have dark skin, blue tentacles that fade into green, and a cut through their right eyebrow. their eyes are closed while they smile and point to their cheeks.

So the captain of this ship is...?

ME! I go by many names; Leo, Chaos, Miinos... I'm 21, a college student, and the proud maintainer of this here website.

Ar(ro)thame started off as a dire attempt to disconnect and get as far away from mainstream social media as possible, while still having a space online to express myself. (And, as tribute to the sites that cemented my early-web years!)

As my coding skill has grown, so has my site, finally becoming the digital cove i destined it to be. It took a long time to get here, but it's been worth it! I sincerly hope you enjoy my site as much as I enjoy webmastering-ing it!

a black spinning star with a multicolored trail behind it. the colors match up with the nonbinary pride flag.

A bit more!

  • I'm a culinary major!
  • I collect cards! Mostly pokemon but i also have YuGiOh, WWE, and others!
  • I enjoy building gunpla sets! I have four HG models.
  • I am nonbinary, transmasc, bisexual, and arospec.
  • Other places you can find me include:
    Mastodon, Steam, and Switch (Click to copy FC)
poison type
congratulations! You are Snow Miku. Poeple may see you as cold and snobbish at first, but all that will change when they see just how passionate you are about life! You're straight to the point, calm, and down to Earth. Poeple remember you as the 'laid-back' trendsetter! You are Most like... Kuro. Kuro is mature and easygoing. He enjoys playing videogames and watching anime. He is quite invested in internet culture. Kuro has a passion for art, despite not being very good at it. He likes to keep to himself, but truly cares for his friends. You're Yamcha! This isnt an 'L' moment, I promise! You're a very caring and considerate person. You're the underdog, but this comes with it's own strengths. You don't have to worry about any lofty expectations. You do you. Team Dark. You like destruction and explosions. You also tend to be a bit egotistical. You have a laser-like fucis on your goals and are willing to crush anyone who gets in your way. I am a... Pierrot Mime. Pierrot mimes are shy and introverted. They prefer to spend their time alone and keep around only a few close friends. Pierrot mimes have rich inner lives. wet beast