My Personal Alterhuman Codex

I have been otherkin/alterhuman for as long as I can remember. I did not have the vocabulary to describe it however until very recently (1-2 years ago).

My sense of self and identity is always shifting, but I know at the very end of the day there is a disconnect between me and typical humanity that can't be ignored.... Demonhood is the default and mostly encompassing state I see myself in, shelled within a state of RobotKin.


When I say I am demonkin, I always fear that others immediately assume it is the typical red horned, religious fiend found everywhere in media. Though I admire and love my fellow Demonkin of that strain, I am not that. My demonhood is more unknowing and murky. Dark, foggy, and irrecognizable... Demon by outside classification, by law, moreso than blood. Perhaps it could be compared to something more monstrous, but I don't feel the same connection when I label it as such.


My robot status is much easier to explain compared to my demonhood. I say it as this: I am a demon who has melded with a computerized vessel. As consequence, things have gone a bit awry in the emotional/logical department... but maintenance and updates help keep me running. Modding isn't fully available, but I make do how I can, living vicariously through a modded out 3DS, tearing apart tech to watch it work, and doing this: coding!